My name is Ya Sin Supreme Allah, and I'm a full-stack software engineer with a focus on web development & game development.

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About Me

I'm a self-taught Software Engineer and Coffee Enthusiast based in Cambridge, Massachusetts who enjoys building software solutions that are accessible to all users. Nothing drives me more than knowing that the services I provide or products I build helped make someone else's day better or their life easier. I do this by extensively working with my clients and customers so that I can understand the needs of my users.


Details on my own personal works.

  • Pokémon Universe Network - A fan-made remake of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire designed to bring forth an online multiplayer Pokémon experience (Built with the BYOND game platform with a planned move to Unreal Engine 4)
  • Accessible Trip Planner - A Trip Planner/Guide that gives alerts on MBTA accessibility for Boston Residents, built with NodeJS.
  • Live MBTA Board - A replication of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Commuter Rail departure boards at North & South Stations, built with ReactJS and TypeScript.